Airport Limo Toronto

Airport Limo Toronto is more than just a car service hire.

We provide you with an unforgettable experience.

We save you from the worry that might be involved with transporting yourself.

We offer you a fair rate for a stellar service.

Most importantly, we care about your travel needs! We don’t cater for just one type of person, we provide a wide range of vehicles for an extensive array of needs.

We want to be your first choice for all of your car service hire need- whether you are planning wedding cars, graduation ceremonies, business meetings and conferences, birthday parties or airport pick-ups, we can provide you with a punctual service at a price that reflects that. Don’t stress yourself out by playing chauffeur when we have professionals at our disposal to provide you with a top class service, and don’t panic about who is going to drive who in which car, that is why we have made such a convenient service available. One of our chauffeurs can take all of you and in the car of your choice.

To ensure that we are able to furnish your exact requirements our vehicles come in a range of sizes to provide you with the one that meets your specifications. Our sedan limousine and Lincoln MKZ both accommodate 4 passengers as well as offer you a more intimate setting, our SUV’s seat 8 and are ideal for teenage birthday parties or 21 st celebrations, while our stretch limousines seat up to 10 and have the added bonus of TV’s, as well as a CD and DVD player- they are ideal for any occasion.

All of our vehicles come with tinted windows as standard to provide you with privacy and security. We also have Hummers, vans and buses available if you so desire.

With our luxury limousines you have features such as two fully stocked bars with glasses, champagne holder, and ice as well as three televisions, and DVD and CD players, in addition to this they are also equipped with a fibre optic light show, twinkling lights and mood lights. This is sure to impress anyone and just leads to further enhance your enjoyment of our smooth rides, especially if you are planning a special proposal. If you do happen to be planning a special proposal do not hesitate to contact us, we will assist you in carrying out your plans in any way we can.

So you can see that whether you need a functional, business car service hire or a magical, romantic, special car service hire- we can meet your needs and no matter the purpose of your travel, you can do so in the luxury and comfort that you deserve with Airport Limo Toronto.

Airport Limo Toronto

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